Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings

  • Parents are invited to meet the teachers to discuss their ward’s progress or other concerns on all working days with prior appointment.

  • Parents should make it a point to attend the PTMs when Report / Assessment Cards are issued. The administration will take a serious view of parents who are regularly absent from such meetings.

  • Parents are requested not to visit the classrooms during school hours.

  • Parents can meet the Head of the school between 10:30 am and 12:30 p.m. & on all working days. In case of emergency, parents can meet any time during school hours with prior appointment. The school expects the parents to observe the rules and regulations of the institution strictly. In case a parent fails to do so and violates the school discipline, the Principal with the approval of the management reserves the right to strike off the child's name from the school rolls.

  • Parents’ grievances or complaints can be posted on the school address, the answer to which shall be mailed to the parents’ within 24 hours of receipt by the Principal.